About the Artist

Halena Cline has family roots that extend back many generations in Kentucky where she was born and have influenced her lifelong love of creating works of art. She studied sculpture, drawing, painting, illustration and photography at the Gebhardt's Art School in Cincinnati, OH in 1970. In 1981, Halena received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Kentucky University where she studied painting, drawing, printmaking and photography.

Halena Cline lives in Northern Kentucky and has worked as a studio artist most of her adult life. She has a studio at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio since 1990.

Halena's work is known nationally and is held in many national and international collections. She produces works by using mediums that are experimental as well as those that are more tradtional; used in creative ways. She also incorporates mediums acquired through attending art conferences and by experiencing methods and techniques she has acquired in her travels and cultural encounters.

Halena maintains a dedication in her works to children's and women's issues and those that are vulnerable in today's society. She believes that art education is vital in the classroom and has participated in many lecturing opportunities at her alma mater of Northern Kentucky University as well as the University of Cincinnati, the Contemporary Art Center and the Cincinnati Taft Museum.

Individual Exhibits 2004-2016
  • 2016 New Ideas and Processes, Elk Creek Gallery, Owenton, KY
  • 2013 Angels, Carnegie Art Center, Covington, KY
  • 2013 Faces, Artist Exchange Center, Covington, KY
  • 2013 Artist's Exchange, Amerika Haus, Munich, Germany
  • 2012 Variegated Soul, St. Mary's Basilica of the Assumption, Cathedral Gallery,
  • 2010 The Artist & The Wolf, Misoula MT
  • 2004 Feats of Clay, San Diego, CA
Bein and Fushie, Chicago, IL, Verdin Company, Cincinnati, OH, Andreas Charalambous, Nicosia, Cyprus, Schiff Kreidler-Shell Insurance, Co., Cincinnati, OH, Federated Corporation, Cincinnati, OH, Stephen and Lynn Phillips, Cincinnati, OH, Franciscan Hospital, Cincinnati, OH, Saad Ghosn, MD, Cincinnati, OH, Frank Laurence, PhD, Hamilton, MT, Shirley Hudson, Ft. Thomas, KY, Olaf and Natascha Eichhorn, ​Wermelskerchen, Germany
Bibliographies and Reviews
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Grants, Commissions & Awards
The Blue Wisp Jazz Club, Neyer Construction Commission for Outdoor Mosaic (2002), Big Pig Gig, Schiff Kreidler Shell, Cincinnati Public Art Project, Cincinnati, OH (2000)
"Halena has been making art since childhood and has had a full-time studio practice since 1990. She has an explosive drive, compelled by profound personal experience and a keen sense of personal and social responsibility." -Melanie Miller
"The Cincinnati Aesthete"
February, 2015

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